What would you do? What would you do if you come out of work or your home, go to your car, and see that it is covered and being swarmed by bees? Do you turn around and go back inside? Do you attempt to get in? Do you harm the bees or call someone? Do you laugh and cry at the same time, knowing your day took a tragic turn? This may seem like something that only happens on the internet or in movies, but it recently happened in Twin Falls. If you walked out to this scenario, what would you do?

Bees Swarm Car in the Magic Valley

If you have ever walked out to find bees covering your vehicle or perhaps a tool you need, there is likely a fear that goes through you and a bit of shock at first glance. Many people are allergic to bees or don't like them, so the thought of seeing so many is terrifying. One woman in the Magic Valley recently experienced this when she walked out to see bees covering the driver's side of her car. A coworker had come into work and notified her, and when she went outside to see what was happening, the above video is what she witnessed. This raised an obvious problem of how to get into her car and how to approach her car with this many bees around.

What to Do If Bees Swarm Your Vehicle

Walking out to this would be scary, but figuring out what to do next is the tough part. I reached out to the young lady whose car they swarmed and she let me know she ran like crazy to the other side and got in and started driving. The hope was they would fly away, but in the video above, that wasn't exactly what happened. You could call for someone to come help, which is likely the best choice, but if you are in a rush, it might not be an option. You could take your chances and try to open the door, but that likely won't end well. You could do what this lady did, but the bees kept following her and it could harm the bees. The last option is to abandon the car, and count your loss, as the bees have clearly stated that the car is now theirs. 

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I have never been in this situation, but if I were to walk out to this, I would likely do one of two things. If I had to be somewhere and it was dire I get there promptly, I would do what this lady did and enter the car on the other side and hope they eventually fly away. If I had time or if it was going to work, I would call out sick and then call someone to come help take care of the bees for me, so they are not harmed and I get to keep my car. If you found yourself in this situation, what would you do?

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