Just before 8:30pm, September 23, Facebook and Twitter blew up with reports from all over the Magic Valley of hearing and feeling a "quake" or a "rumble."  Many posts that I read claim their windows shook, doors rattled and some of you said your pets were freaking out just before you felt it.

At this point, nobody official is saying anything.  While there have been reports of activity in the Yellowstone area within the last 36 hours, nothing was posted at http://www.usgs.gov/ in our area relating to the time of the reports on social media.

I think it's reasonable to assume the noise and rumble was military in nature.  We talk about "booms" and shakes all the time.  And if you talk to people in Hagerman, they'll tell you that it's a common occurrence.

No matter what you think it was, it certainly was something and it was felt in Twin Falls, Jerome, Wendell, Shoshone, Kimberly, Filer, Hagerman Buhl and Castleford.  A few of you even said you also saw a large light in the sky... almost like a meteor.

I haven't found anyone in the Burley/Rupert area that claimed to hear anything yet.

Another thing I found interesting was the timeline.  While the majority of you said you heard it sometime around 8:30pm, I received two calls this morning that claimed it was around 9:20pm; nearly an hour after the first reports.

Listen to some of the many reports you called in today.

What did you hear, see and feel last night?

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