If you follow more paranoid media, you would never get out of bed.  Or you would be looking to live far underground in an old nuclear missile silo somewhere closer to the East Coast.  For the last few years I’ve been reading about seismic activity at Yellowstone National Park.  There are sometimes swarms of small earthquakes.  The result, the network TV types show up and warn the Yellowstone Supervolcano is about ready to pop its lid.  This is based on the swarms and because they say the volcano is due for an eruption.  Like it’s a geyser running on a clock! 

there’s no such thing as a supervolcano.  Not in scientific lingo.  It’s an invented word

They’re fearmongering and looking for ratings.  I came across this great piece over the weekend.  First, the writer spoke with scientists who say there’s no such thing as a supervolcano.  Not in scientific lingo.  It’s an invented word.  There are calderas and they can fill with magma and sometimes blow through the crust of the earth.  These used to be directly below Twin Falls but continental drift has moved the magma chambers to the east.

These are nowhere near a crisis level.  As they would rise, there would be plenty of warning in advance.  Possibly decades of warnings.

It’s not going to blow in my lifetime.  Or my daughter’s and possibly not for millennia.  Maybe at that point someone will develop a solution.  Fans of Star Trek know these things can simply be corrected by a beam from a starship!

It’s not all that wacky a scenario.  Some fellow called my show a few weeks ago and claimed our enemies were responsible for wildfires through the use of pulse weapons.  Also, he may be drying his hair in a microwave oven.

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