Let's pretend that superheroes are a thing and Idaho has a ton of them. If there were any superheroes, these are the ones that you would easily find in Idaho. In fact, I am not completely convinced these heroes don't already exist.

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  • 1

    Potato Man

    Of course Potato Man, thwarting his enemies with massive Idaho Russets and his potato gun.

  • 2

    Mother Nature

    She definitely would live in Idaho. Mother Nature does what she wants and you just have to deal with it. She might be an anti-hero. I am not sure on that one.

  • 3

    The Sisters - Windy, Stormy and Sunny

    The children of Mother Nature, they mean well but they are always fighting and causing chaos.

  • 4


    Kind of like Ant-Man but much worse and no one really likes him. Sending shivers down everyone's spine who comes near him.

  • 5

    The Snake

    Much like the river he can cut or split rock, slowly, very slowly, but surely.

  • 6

    Antimony Man

    Kind of like Iron Man, antimony is a semi-metal in Idaho. Antimony man is semi-hero, semi-lazy

  • 7

    The Hunter

    Taking out his prey from up to a mile away! His real superpower is impeccable sight and nearly silent.

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