According to a new Harris poll, 50% of American adults say that, yeah, they sometimes pull out their phone to take a secret photo or video of someone.

Most of the reasons for snapping a clandestine pic aren't as creepy as you might think.

Basically, it looks like we get kicks out of catching people doing funny stuff.

Here's who we're targeting :

23% have taken a photo of someone in an embarrassing outfit.

20% have photographed an athlete at a sporting event.

15% have gotten someone tripping and falling.

9% have taken a photo of a shirtless guy mowing the lawn.

7% have photographed their boss or a coworker eating.

6% have photographed someone's disgusting grooming habits.

5% have taken a picture of a couple making out.

The survey also found that the type of guerrilla cell phone videos people most want to see is someone pulling a prank on a coworker.

Via Baltimore Sun