Get ready to have a ton of fun in a running water gun fight coming to Twin Falls this summer. The event is family-friendly, it isn't all just about water guns, and you have a chance to win some cool prizes.

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There is going to be a giant squirt gun battle that will be coming to Twin Falls. The Blastin' and Dashin' event will be a run and a squirt gun battle. Sounds pretty epic to me.

Blast And Dash Event This Summer

The event will be on Thursday, July 21st and those who want to participate should meet at the Twin Falls Visitors Center. The Blast and Dash event couples a water gun fight and a 5K run. So while you hate running you can have extra fun shooting random people with water guns. It is like a combination of running and playing.

Twin Falls Visitor Center
Twin Falls Visitor Center

Registration And Cool Prizes

You can register for the event early for anywhere from $25 to $40 dollars. It depends how early you want to decide to register and commit. You can also get different pricing if you decide you want to help with registration and then run the 5K yourself. You can also get a T-shirt while supplies last.

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As far as cool prizes, you not only get cool shirts, but you get water bottle blaster squirt guns with one water bottle if you register by June 15th. Then there will be medals for different male and female categories based on age groups.

The More The Merrier

If you get yourself a team together, whether it be kids or a group of adults, and you can get discounts. The more people you bring the more likely you are to get more prizes. For teams, you can get coffee mugs, tumblers, hat, shirts, visors, or even a free race.

Plus you can do the run virtually if you don't want to go down to the Twin Falls Visitors Center to participate. That wouldn't be nearly as fun because the squirt guns won't be as present. But to each their own.

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And for some extra fun, if you see me and shoot me with a water gun, make sure you give me a high five because that would make my day.

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