We love it when the weather finally decides to warm up and stay that way. But, with the warmer temperatures comes even more distracted driving dangers.

JP O'Donnell of the Twin Falls Police Department shared some insights into issues he and other officers see when the weather starts warming up.

JP: "As we get into our warmer months and the summer come upon us, we would ask that people pay a little closer attention to children on the roadways as schools will be getting out. With kids playing in the neighborhoods, kids riding bicycles, riding scooters, just be a little extra cautious."

It's not just mobile devices that can distract you.

JP: "There are a lot of distractions that can happen to a driver, if they allow it to. Obviously, a cell phone is one that happens quite often. But, not only that, it's paying attention to your surroundings. Not looking down at your radio in your car. Not focused on what's happening inside of your car."

Don't think that serious accidents only happen on I-84 or I-93.

JP: Statistics show that we actually have a higher rate of accidents off of the interstate system, in our rural roadways and in our city streets. Obviously, the greater the speed, the more severe the injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly 70% of all accidents happen within 10 miles of your home. That means you need to pay attention to your driving responsibilities even if you are just running what you consider to be a normal errand.

JP recommends that everyone remember that seat belts are your friend. If you're in an accident, they can lessen or eliminate some injuries.

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