What's the one thing you can do to make anyone in the world turn into a furious tornado of fists and blinding rage? You guessed it...

In this viral video originally posted by WorldStarHipHop.com, we see an altercation already in progress between a Walmart employee and a customer in Englewood.

This Englewood Walmart is either in Florida or Ohio, as of now it's not clear. If I were a betting man, I'd go with Florida.

Walmart Employee Knocks Out Customer

Rennard Cotton Via YouTube

It's unclear what started the altercation, but at the time the video begins, we see a Walmart customer with a full buggy ramming it into the Walmart employee. If you notice, it appears that none of the merchandise in the customer's buggy is in a bag. It also appears as if the customer is walking towards the door, but I'm not exactly sure of the layout of the store.

Could it be the customer was trying to steal the merchandise in the buggy and the Walmart employee was attempting to stop him?

Rennard Cotton Via YouTube

It would be a pretty brazen act of thievery but, remember, this is possibly happening at a Walmart in Florida.

After the customer rams his buggy into the employee you'll see he leans in and spits on him.

Remember earlier when I asked, "What's the one thing you can do to make anyone in the world turn into a furious tornado of fists and blinding rage?"

This video is proof.

After spitting on the Walmart employee, the customer decides to just casually walk away with his buggy.

The employee clearly escalated to a rolling boil after being spat upon, and who can blame him, especially given the times we're living in with COVID-19. A Walmart security guard attempted to hold the employee back to no avail.

Rennard Cotton Via YouTube


Although the video doesn't follow quickly enough to capture the connection of fist to the face, you'll see the employee break free from the security guard, then pursue the spitter before finally rearing back for the knockout punch.


Rennard Cotton Via YouTube

Looking at the YouTube comments, it seems like people definitely agree with and support the employee's actions.

Rennard Cotton Via YouTube


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