Southern Idaho has some wonderful traditions. With local events such as the Rupert Beet Drop, the Shoshone Lights and Laser Show, the Thousand Springs Art Festival and the College of Southern Idaho Forth of July Fireworks, we've left quite an imprint when it comes to community celebrations. 

Every December, Falls Brand Independent Meat Company in Twin Falls delivers smoked ham and turkey to our office on Park Avenue as a kind gesture. My family has been enjoying their products for years.

I recently came across a YouTube video of a 2015 hog calling contest. These events are particularly popular in the central United States, in places like Nebraska and Iowa. Grown men put corn on the cob caps on, and shriek and snort into microphones in front of large crowds.

I think Falls Brand Meat Company would be an ideal host for such an event. They could serve bacon-themed beer and cocktails, and maybe have a ham dinner. That sounds like a good time if you ask me.

I know I would pay the price of admission to sit and watch men and women doing their best swine impersonations. The best thing about this type of event, is you don't have to be born a natural.

We already have local events such as Death by Chocolate that raise money for the city's rotary club. Why not a hog calling contest that does the same? I would wager there are some pretty gifted up and coming swine squealers in the Gem State just waiting for their opportunity to wow us.

It's just a thought. And let's face it, it's funny as all hell to watch.

Jerome Or Twin Falls Side

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