There isn’t much time left to enter, so you need to sharpen your pencils now. Maybe pencils are the wrong writing implement. Fill your inkwell? No, that’s not it. Crack your knuckles? Yeah. Crack your knuckles and get ready to type. Or maybe have your kids get ready to type for you.

Idaho Power is having a contest to see how customers stay cool and save energy in the summer. Some customers have a head start since the contest started last week, but the cutoff is August 21st, so there’s still time.

How to Enter Idaho Power’s Sizzlin’ Summer Savings Contest

Entries are being accepted at Should people desire to respond through social media, that format is available through Idaho Power’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Idaho Power will give away outdoor goodies like a grill, shade umbrella, movie projector, bucket mister, and clothes drying line.

100-degree temps aren’t easy to contend with. The energy usage to maintain a cool home is difficult without triple digits. How do you stay cool and save energy when the temperatures climb? What is it that helps people in Idaho maintain sanity when the thermometer is in the red?

Some people may opt to cook outside. Others retreat to the basement. Parents may shuttle children to splash pads and swimming pools. There are options to go to the movies or the library. Whatever it is that keeps your Idaho Power bill down, they want to know. Just enter by August 21st.

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