Police in Vancouver, Washington, have concluded an investigation into a woman who let a dog out of her car, led it to a trail, and then got back in her automobile and drove off. A security camera captured the entire incident.

Washington State authorities have responded to a video showing a woman who left a dog at the entrance to a park in the northwestern part of the state, according to an update by idahonews.com. The dog has since been transported to an area animal clinic for observation. It was determined that the animal, named "Henry," is 13-years-old.

In the video, a dark-colored, two-door vehicle is seen coming to a stop in a culdesac. The woman, who is facing animal cruelty charges in Clark County, then opens the door and allows for the animal to exit the vehicle. The person of interest is then seen leading the dog off to a trail, only to return to her car a short time later by herself.

The woman was identified by police over the weekend. She removed the collar and leash prior to leading the dog away from the car. The video was posted initially to a non-profit animal service in the state named I Paw'd It Forward, which helps with lost dogs.

Henry is not yet available for adoption, according to idahonews.com. The animal appears to be in good health for its age.

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