The Twin Falls Archway is an excellent addition to the downtown area aesthetically. It also gives organizations a chance to get information out to the community in a unique way. Nothing will replace flyers placed strategically at local businesses or posts on social media, but getting information out to the public can always use another venue.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

There’s a message board on the Twin Falls Archway. If there is information you’d like to get out to the community, maybe the board will help distribute the announcement. Be aware, that it’s not for promposals or personal messages. Sure, a promposal on the Twin Falls Archway would be super cool. Nobody could say no to that, right? What if the person you asked did say no? To avoid such awkward issues, Twin Falls Archway messages must be information for the community or events.

How Does a Message Get Onto the Twin Falls Archway Message Board?

For 7 days, a photo-ready message that has the correct aspect ratio specifications and fits on one screen can be displayed. Make sure everything is ready to go and submit your message. Just realize this is not the end of the process. It is the beginning. After submission, the message must run through the bureaucracy.

Who Gets to Put a Message Up on the Archway Over Shoshone Street?

There is also a priority system. A civic or community event in Twin Falls is great but has to bow to public and charter schools as well as foundations when it comes to the hierarchy. Schools take a back seat to Twin Falls City and County services events. And city and county services must capitulate to public safety alerts and notices. After that, it is first-come, first-served.

If the submission makes it through the vetting process, it becomes a message on the Twin Falls Archway. Insert adoring crowd here.

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