In order to get a valid ID card that has a star on it, which would allow you in to federal government buildings, airplanes, and military bases, you have to go to the DMV with proper paperwork. You only have until October to do so.

October 1, 2020 is the deadline for everyone in Idaho to get a star card. After that, the law goes into effect stating you are not allowed in federal government buildings, military bases, or to fly without one.

In order to get a star card you need proof of your identity through a passport, a certified birth certificate with a valid government ID and a non-laminated Social Security Card.

You will also need proof of name changes for each marriage or each name change you have had. Finally you will need proof of Idaho residency. You will need two documents proving your residency. These can be w2, a medical or insurance provider statement, lease or rental agreement or specific valid bills that have your name and service address on it proving you reside in your home.

Cell phone bills do not count as a valid bill for your proof of residency. You can get all the information you need to get a star card at their website. There is also a convenient timer that tells you exactly how long you have to get the card.

You should give yourself plenty of time and start the process of getting the star card now just in case you don't have all the documents you need.

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