Happy National Licorice Day! I don't make up the rules, I just follow them. There seems to always be a huge controversy surrounding licorice. The red versus black licorice debate. Ready...FIGHT:

I feel like the majority of people have a dislike for black licorice. I am not sure why, honestly it is probably my favorite of the two. Now I definitely don't discriminate. I will eat ALL the licorice. Just for the sake of purity, we aren't going to add the rainbow color and random flavored licorice on this list. There are just too many flavors.

Which one is your favorite? Black? Red? Do you even like licorice? Do you love both? That is what we want to know, because we only ask the tough and important questions here.

If there happens to be a different flavor of licorice that you will only eat, let us know. I would take a piece of green apple licorice over both most likely.

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