The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office recently shared some tips on social media on how they'd like you to handle a traffic stop with a concealed carry gun.

Here are some bullet points of the highlights, but I recommend you take the time to read the entire post. We've embedded it above for your convenience.

  • Pull far off the side of the road
  • Roll your window down and place both hands on the wheel
  • At night, turn on your interior light
  • Avoid digging for your registration and paperwork. Wait until the officer/deputy instructs you to do so.
  • The moment you are asked for ID is the ideal time to disclose that you're a CWP holder and where your weapon is located. Do this before you start reaching for your papers so you can wait for the officer's instructions before proceeding.
  • Follow the officer's directions and verbally communicate your movements during the entire interaction. The instructions they are giving are intended to make the stop as safe as possible for both you and the officer.

The video below provides some tips on how to act when pulled over with a CWP. Note: the video is not endorsed by the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office but shares many of the same tips shared by our local law enforcement.

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