Add cow wranglers to the job description of Twin Falls Police, Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office and Twin Falls Animal Control. Over the weekend they banded together to get their cowboy and cowgirl on to catch a cow that was on the loose.

The best part is part of it was caught on camera and the cow made it home safe and sound. Honestly, I wouldn't want to tango with this bow. Cows can be really mean but they got it.

I have to say my favorite part is the female cop in the background flapping her arms like wings at the cow to try to convince it to go the right direction. I can't believe they were able to force that cow where they wanted it to go with that rope. I love this so much.

More proof that law enforcement helps the community in so many ways. Only in Idaho is a cow wrangler part of the job description of law enforcement but they do it and they smile. And this made me smile.

I am so glad this turned out victoriously for them! That's right cow, go back to where you came from! That farmer is going to be incredible happy they they go their cow back. Silly cow.

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And of course a huge shout out to the animal control department. Without the help of all of them this might have turned out a little differently.

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