The Twin Falls School District shared a video expressing how important it is to know what kind of social media apps are on your children's phones. Some of these apps and what they do might surprise you.

The big one they are discussing is the "Monkey App" which is similar to "Snap Chat" but you only get 15 seconds to communicate. This is a way a lot of predators are trying to get in contact with children.

If you watched this webinar, it is actually kind of terrifying. Some news sources tried them out for themselves and found people trying to discuss sexually inappropriate things and exposing themselves.

Seriously, parents are saying there is so much nudity on this app it would make anyone blush. I am so glad I grew up in the MySpace age where there was much less social media and internet issues.

This webinar gives you some options on how to talk to your kids about this app. There is no doubt social media can be beneficial, but it can also be scary. They also show some of the other social media apps you should be aware of.

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