The Twin Falls Police Department shared some photos on their Facebook page on two people who walked out of a store without paying for the merchandise. They are asking for the publics help identifying them.

According to the Twin Falls Police Department Facebook page, two females left a store on the 1900 block of Fillmore street on December 18th of last year without paying for their merchandise. The photos are hard to see, especially with the two wearing masks but I have a feeling that if you know these people, you will be able to recognize them.

I am trying to figure out where they took the merchandise from. They won't say but my speculation is Dick's Sporting Goods just by the massive amounts of weather clothing in the picture. But that has not been confirmed.

If you do happen to have any information on these two, you can contact Officer Comeau at 208- 735- 7200.

Some people online have made comments about why store employees did not stop the shoplifters or if they even saw them. My guess would be there are protocols in place where employees are asked not to come in contact with shop lifters because the situation can escalate quickly. I worked at a store that would not let us stop a shop lifter, we were only to call the police to ensure that no employee was hurt.

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