K9 Officers are just as important as everyone else on the force. The Twin Falls Police Department showed K9 Enzo exactly how excited they were to have him on the team, by celebrating his 6th birthday.

Happy Birthday Enzo! The Twin Falls Police Department shared this video of Enzo getting a very special treat for his birthday after a nice round of "Happy Birthday". Admittedly, Enzo looked a little bit confused by the singing and was way more interested in getting permission to eat his treat, but hey it is the thought that counts right?

I am not sure what was in that bowl but it didn't last long after he got permission to eat it. This makes me so happy to see. Let's show the Twin Falls Police Department and Enzo how much we appreciate all their hard work by wishing him a happy birthday from the community.

Just look at that happy boy! Thank you Enzo and Twin Falls Police for everything you do for our community.

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