Some of the most complained about parking lots in Twin Falls suffer from the same problem. One-way parking lanes are set up to help with traffic flow, increase the number of people that can park in a lot, and reduce fender benders. They also get some inattentive drivers in hot water.

Who is Guilty of the 5 Worst Parking Lot Crimes?

Crime #1: How many times are you obeying the arrows only to have that driver going up the wrong way? You’re both stuck in a game of vehicular chicken waiting to see whose will is stronger in maintaining that they are in the right.

Crime #2: What about the drivers who sit and wait for half an hour for that spot right up front? You could have 4 spots open up in the lane ahead, but no one can get there because that person insists on waiting right here. You Shall Not Pass.

Crime #3: Overlappers who pull through too far over the middle line. There’s no parking block to stop them and no tennis ball hanging to judge the distance. They can’t tell where to stop the front end, or just don’t care, so the guy on the other side better be driving a super subcompact.

Crime #4: Super extended long vehicles need to park farther away. You need the bed space so don’t park up front. Nobody can get around you. Drop off grandma at the front then go park. You can drive up and pick her up when you’ve finished.

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Crime #5: And finally, there are the squatters. They unload the basket, buckle in the kids, close the trunk, return the cart, walk back to the car, and - sit. I’m good with the safety of passengers, but they make everyone wait while they pair the Bluetooth, check their email, talk to the passenger about the next outing, or whatever. Just do that after you leave the parking space.

Are Parking Lots in Twin Falls Painted Wrong, or Are Drivers Just Bad?

How many of the parking lot crimes are you guilty of? Can you accept that you are a bad driver sometimes or should the blame be placed on other drivers and poorly painted lines?

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