Thursday, July 18th there was a string of updates from the Magic Valley Cinema 13 on Facebook about various power issues keeping them from opening. The updates weren't informative about what the actual issue was but at least there were updates. By early afternoon they had partial power restored but were still unable to open.

Just before 2 pm they appeared to have almost resolved the issues and announced they would be opening soon.

A few minutes later they announced that the theater would be open at 2 but there wasn't another update since then. I contacted the theater to make sure they are open and to see if they had any idea what happened and they responded that 'We're back open. Not sure what happened but it was an issue outside of our building.'

Good news is they are open now but we aren't sure at this time what cause d the power issues that kept them from opening this morning. More good news is that the first trailer for Top Gun:Maverick came out today so if you couldn't go to the theater you could watch this and get crazy excited for the movie to come out next year!

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