This is awesome. The Twin Falls Public Library has always been pretty innovative in finding ways to entertain our families with more than books. But, with the social distancing happening due to COVID-19 precautions, the library is no longer open to the public. That isn't stopping the library workers from coming up with ways to still deliver their services. During the closure time they will still be open and lending books and other library supplies. You will just be getting them a little differently.

The Twin Falls Public Library is now offering curbside delivery. Not quite as delicious as getting food delivered to your car but still pretty great. If you have kids and they are in need of a refresh on their book options get to the library website and start reserving their favorites. Library card holders can reserve up to 20 items online or by calling the library. Once you have made your reservations the library will contact you when they are ready for pickup. When you get to the library building and are parked in one of the specified number spaces you can call the library and they will bring out your items.

The staff at the library is also dedicated to entertaining your kids. Usually there are daily events planned, but they have all been cancelled. Once again the staff is stepping up and you can watch videos on Facebook of special story time book readings.

The library also offers and has links to other educational sites like World Book and the Chilton database if you are doing vehicle repairs. The TF Library also works with other libraries to get books that aren't currently in the local building. Fans of comic books and graphic novels can also find what they need thanks to the library.

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