As spring is wrapping up and summer officially begins on June 21st, you're running out of time to finish your spring cleaning. Once we hit summer you're just late and have a cluttered house.

How Can I Get Rid Of Items In My House I Don't Want?

One of the main reasons we do a spring cleaning is to clear up space in our house. We take a good look at the junk laying around and decide if we want to let it keep collecting dust and taking up space or if it is finally time to admit that this stuff needs to go to a new home.

Once you decide it has to go, how do you get it to new owners and that new home and hopefully make a little money off it? You can hold a garage sale and devote a weekend to waiting around for people to drive by or you can post it online in Facebook Marketplace or on Craigslist.

Should I Sell Items Online or In-person After Spring Cleaning?

How to best sell your items has an answer that has changed over recent years since you can now post items online and wait for people to respond vs setting up a garage sale and hoping people show up while you wait around.

There's a charm to holding a garage sale. You get to be outdoors and it can be kind of fun to see people walk around finding treasures that you consider junk. But maybe the most exciting part of a garage sale is the haggle. My mother-in-law loves to find items marked for a few dollars and offer the seller a quarter. She finds joy in arguing over prices. I don't.

I prefer to post my unwanted, but still of value, items online. That way I don't have to deal with people in person and I don't have to dedicate a weekend to waiting around for someone to stop by my garage sale. I can post my stuff and meet up with the buyer when it works for me. I also love that random people aren't coming to my house to buy my stuff.

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Is Selling Online or Selling at a Garage Sale The Best Option?

Which method do you prefer: Garage sale vs online sale?

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