The last time I did a garage sale my wife and I decided we were just donating or throwing stuff away from then on. The time it takes to organize a garage sale is insane and then you have to sit around waiting for people to show up.

The Worst Part Of Holding A Yard Sale

Speaking of the people; sometimes they are the worst. You need them to show up and buy your stuff but that's all you want. You don't want to hear about how the person used to have an item like you have and they really would like it for 25 cents instead of the $25 you are asking. You don't want to deal with the professional bargainers either. You put the $5 sticker on the toy and don't want to be haggled down to a fraction of that price.

Here are 10 Twin Falls garage sale etiquette rules, for the host and buyers, that everyone in Twin Falls needs to know and follow.

  1. Don't expect to get free stuff.
  2. Get permission for your garage sale signs and then take them down after the sale.
  3. Don't let your kids play with every toy unattended while you look around.
  4. Haggling is expected at a yard sale but don't be ridiculous. Don't offer half the asking price and then get upset that they won't go that low on the price.
  5. Go later in the day when the sales are ending and the owners don't want to put everything away and they'll be more likely to make low ball deals.
  6. Pay with cash and carry a variety of money, especially small bills. Don't offer a to pay with a check - that's too much hassle.
  7. Don't try and return items that aren't what you expected.
  8. Be courteous where you park. Don't block mailboxes or driveways.
  9. Don't mess up the organized piles.
  10. Don't piggy back on someone else's yard sale. If a neighbor puts up the signs and you do decide to sell items, offer to help take down the signs or put them up. You can plan ahead and work together.
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Advice to Make Your Idaho Garage Sale Succeed

I personally hate doing yard sales so I post my unwanted things on Facebook Marketplace. I’ve done yard sales without following these suggestions and failed, which is why I hate them. They are much more exciting when you are making money and the sale is successful.

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