More and more people seem to be driving around town without their headlights on. Obviously you don't need them during the day when it is bright but when driving conditions aren't perfect please don't forget to turn on your headlights. We looked up reasons why people forget to turn them on.

Technology on vehicles is ever changing. It can make us sloppy and forget to do menial things that vehicles can do on their own like turn the headlights on. There are some common reasons why people forget to turn their headlights on.


  • 1

    It's day time

    Sure, most of the time you don't have to turn on your headlights because it is daylight. Well, if weather conditions are bad like rain or snow, you need to turn them on. It is also a good idea to turn them on during the day on long stretches of road where it can be hard to see oncoming vehicles.

  • 2

    The gauge/dash is lit up

    It's easy to forget to turn on your lights if the dash is lit up. You are seeing light so you assume lights are on outside as well. Just double check.

  • 3

    Automatic headlights

    My car lights are automatic, I don't have to double check that they are on. Incorrect. Make sure the headlights are set to auto or they may not come on.

  • 4

    Fog lights or parking lights are bright

    It can be easy to be fooled and think your lights are already on if the fog lights and parking lights on your vehicle are bright. Again, just best to double check.

  • 5

    Well lit streets

    I have to admit I have done this one. My headlights for a while were pretty grimey so they weren't very bright. Well lit streets can give the illusion your lights are on because you can see.

  • 6

    Impaired driving

    We hope that no one is driving under the influence but the fact of the matter is some do. Cops I have spoken to have said if they see a vehicle driving without their headlights on that is an automatic pull over and sobriety test. Please don't drive impaired.

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