You may have a tracking device on your car and not even know it.  The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office warns a device manufactured by Apple is a double-edged sword.  Some parents can buy one and drop it in a kid’s backpack.  A great tool if a child goes missing or is late coming home from school.  Good use is countered by people who may use just such a device to stalk you.

This came to the attention of a school resource officer (SRO) when a student explained someone had attached one of the contraptions to a car being driven by the student’s sister.

Teenagers Have Pressure Never Before Seen

Today’s teenagers have some things to face we never had to worry about.  There were no smartphones or pagers in schools when I was a boy.  We've already had plenty of other distractions.

In the 1990s, students started carrying pagers.  It would be fine if mom and dad needed you in a hurry, but teachers complained that pages from friends interrupted classes.  Some schools banned them.  Then these were replaced by flip phones and then smartphones.  The first generation of phones ushered in some sexually explicit texts.  The latter brought about the possibility of pornography in every pocket.

Beware of Stalkers Using the Technology

Now you’ve got to be worried some local pervert could be tracking the movements of your 17-year-old daughter.

Many legislators at the state and national levels admit our laws haven’t kept pace with the rapid changes in technology.  Some fear new regulations could slow the benefits of technological innovation.  We need to find a balance and we need to find it soon.

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