It is about time to start soaking up the sun! The Twin Falls City Pool has announced when they will be closing down so they can take off the bubble.

Don't worry, the weather is terrible this week but you can still go swimming under the bubble until after Memorial Day. They have decided to shut down from May 28th through May 30th to get the bubble down.

It is a great sign that warmer weather is supposed to be here, now if we could just tell Mother Nature to stop raining on us for a little bit so we can enjoy the sun for a few days, then back to rain. That's fine.

Even though the weather is still going to be a bit sketchy for the next few weeks, they said after the bubble is down you can still swim when it is raining outside as long as it is not thundering and lighting, which makes sense.

I guess it is time to say goodbye to the bubble and 72 degree controlled water temperatures.

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