We have some great restaurants in Twin Falls and surrounding areas. There are some though that people might forget about because of their location or for whatever reason. So we made a list of restaurants you definitely don't want to forget exist because the food is amazing.


  • 1


    A little Mexican restaurant you may not even know exists until someone tells you about it but they have some pretty great tacos. Located at 850 Shoshone Street in Twin Falls.

  • 2

    Emma's Cafe

    Located in a strip mall at 669 Blue Lakes Blvd you might miss it driving by. They are a little Bosnian diner that serves great sausages and you can pick up different meats to take home and cook,

  • 3

    Curry Junction Cafe

    On US 30 on your way to Filer this little cafe is pretty delicious. Home made meals and lots of regulars who keep the place going.

  • 4

    Tianna's Coffee House

    Sure they have wonderful coffee but they also have some pretty delicious breakfast sandwiches there. And they deliver which is super nice. Located at 22275 Kimberly Road in Kimberly.

  • 5


    Located on Addison Ave in Twin Falls across from Smith's it can be easy to miss them. Their homemade food and candies are amazing though.

  • 6

    The GR

    The Ground Round is located at 2128 Kimberly Road and some people may think of it just as a bar but they have some pretty epic food.

  • 7

    Porked Out

    They are inside Pebbles Golf Course now. Just because they aren't in their food truck doesn't mean that they aren't around. Their food is still just as good as ever.

  • 8

    La Casita

    Located at 111 S Park Avenue it is a delicious little Mexican restaurant that you don't want to forget about. They have some of the best chips and salsa I have ever had and great tamales.

  • 9

    Pho Taki

    It is located at the Little India Restaurant on Addison Avenue. They have Boba Tea and a Uhaul place as well. Honestly they have some delicious authentic food and shopping options as well. It is a little supermarket.

  • 10

    O-Ki And Teppanyaki

    Located in a strip mall on Blue Lakes O-Ki is delicious. Great sushi, they do hibachi style as well. Don't forget about them.

  • 11


    Saffron is located at 117 Main Avenue E in Downtown Twin Falls. I know there are some great options in Downtown but Saffron is delicious. Give them a shot or don't forget about them.

  • 12

    NAZ Kitchen

    Located at 1924 Addison Avenue in Twin Falls this place can be easy to miss. They serve kabobs and authentic Afghanistan dishes. Definitely a great option for dinner.

  • 13


    Guppies used to be in Twin Falls but has relocated to Kimberly. Just because it is in Kimberly now does not mean it should be a restaurant that should be forgotten. Amazing food, their own hotrod sauce, lots to enjoy here.

  • 14

    Shake Out

    Shake Out located on Kimberly Road was shut down for a bit after a car crashed into their building. They are up and running, great food, great shakes. Don't forget about them when you are wanting a good shake.

  • 15

    Loong Hing

    Located on Kimberly road it can be easy to forget about. They have a buffet, they deliver, they also have lunch and dinner specials. Pretty good Chinese food.

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