Tucker Beathard decided to continue his tradition of debuting never-before-heard songs at the Grand Ole Opry when he plays there, but on Saturday night (Feb. 22), it was an extra special song. Beathard debuted a new track called "I Ain't Without You" about his late brother, Clay Beathard, on the hallowed stage.

The singer's younger brother was tragically murdered outside a bar in Downtown Nashville in December.

"My world was rocked in December. My little brother passed away," Beathard told the audience. "I don't wanna say I lost him, because I know exactly where he is. But I think, sometimes in life, it takes getting pushed, getting tested to see what you're really made of, for your faith to really grow."

As a kid, Beathard says he had considered the possibility of one of his family members dying and felt that the grief from that would be an emotion he couldn't handle.

"As bad as it sounds, I used to pray, like, 'God, please, let me be the first one in my family, because I don't know if I can handle it,'" he remarked.

"And then this happened. And I wasn't necessarily wrong. I can't. I couldn't. I'm not strong enough," he said. "But I underestimated the power of Jesus Christ and him getting me through."

"I Ain't Without You" captures his grieving process, as well as deepening his faith.

It's not the first song that Beathard has shared that tributes his late brother, Clay — he released "Brother" in mid-January. The accompanying visual for that song depicts video memories of happy times with the family, family meals, fun vacations and their shared love of music and sports and more.

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