There are lots of Mexican restaurant options in Twin Falls, but for me the experience can be made or broken by their chips and salsa. The salsa can't be too soupy or spicy, nor too chunky or mild. Plus, if the chips don't at least appear to be homemade, warm and salty then the it just isn't worth it.

So here are my top five places to get chips and salsa in Twin Falls:

1. La Fiesta - The unlimited chips and salsa just keep on coming! The salsa isn't too spicy for those like me who can't handle too much heat. The chips aren't too salty or greasy. When you go here, unlimited chips and salsa almost seems like a challenge of how much you can eat without having to be rolled out the door.

2. La Casita - For those looking for a little bit more of a kick, La Casita has the spicier options for you. Don't be deceived by the small bowls of chips and cups of salsa, it is easy to power through bowl after bowl and forget you had a meal coming.

3. Garibaldi's - The options for chips and salsa seem limitless. The chips are deliciously crispy and salty, and they have a little something from everyone. If you head to the one in the Magic Valley Mall and you see that giant bowl of green salsa; be warned, it will make you sweat. I like my taste buds so I prefer the mild option.

4. Janitzio's - The chips really make this one for me, I would eat them without anything. The options for salsa and the beans that come with are pretty amazing too. Who doesn't like options?

5. KB's Twin Falls - Even if you don't sit and stay at the restaurant, do not miss out on your chance to bring these chips and salsa home with you. The chips can seem a little thin at times, but the flavor is always spot on.

How did we do? Did you think we left anyone out? Let us know in the comments.


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