There has been an uproar the last few days about a man carrying the American flag upside down in the Jerome County parade. The rider was part of the Garibaldi's parade entry.

Many people were outraged by the situation, many people were ok with the display. According to sources, flying an American flag upside down is a signal of "dire distress and extreme danger to life or property." Most people who would recognize this signal are military. And it is actually illegal to fly an American flag upside down if you are not in extreme danger.

PC Brenda Grant Sreca
PC Brenda Grant Sreca

The owner of Garibaldi's in a statement said that the incident was a "terrible mistake". He said as the owner he did not realize what was going on a apologized for the display.

The restaurant owner stated he was embarrassed and would "never want to disgrace this beautiful country that [they] live in."

We also looked into the definition that is "dire distress and extreme danger to life or property", and the quick version is that "it does not include moments of personal dissatisfaction or times of protest." It should only be flown in a life or death situation.

We do not have an update on the man who flew the flag in the parade. We are reaching out to see if we can contact them and will have information if and when it becomes available.

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