True story: My son came running into our bedroom at about 1:00am and announced that there were people in our front yard and they were toilet papering our house.

I jumped up, ran for the door,  ran back into the bedroom, threw on some pants then ran back outside.

You can see by the picture that they were thorough... and you can't really tell but they did a number on the roof as well.

Before they sped off in their car, my son got a good look at who they were as they ran away. Every since that night, he's been talking about the joy of paybacks.

I feel like I should encourage him to do the right thing and ignore it.   But I do remember the joys of payback so a little part of me wants to look the other way and let him do it.  After all, it's all part of the experience.  Besides... It took us a good hour in the middle of the night to clean it up. They deserve it, right?

On a side note:  Always keep a pair of pants in by your bed.  You never know.

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