To all the "gym rats" and regulars, you have no idea how badly I wish to be you. I know I am not the only one. During the "New Year resolution" time, I humbly ask you consider a few things as you head to your gym to hit up your regular machines.

Sure, this time of year can be incredibly frustrating for those who regularly go to the gym. They are way more packed by people who may or may not continue to come. Let's face it, more than half of those people you see on January 5th won't be there July 5th. That being said, a portion of them will. So please, be kind, courteous and helpful to the New Year resolution-ers. You may be the reason they keep coming to the gym.

I know so many people who don't go to the gym because it intimidates them. The regular gym goers can be put on a pedestal from those of us less fit and we can get discouraged when you are noticeably  irritated that we are there.

Now, a lot of these are not your problem. If someone is uncomfortable or intimidated because you're in great shape, that is their problem. But acting like those less fit don't belong there can make people leave.

I am just asking, if you see someone struggling with a machine they don't know how to use, maybe give them a hand. Maybe talk to a few of those people struggling and make them feel welcome. I am not saying you have to go out of your way to make them your friend, I am just asking you not to go out of your way to make them want to not come back.

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