Everyone has an opinion. People want to complain about what should or should not happen while coaching a football team, or when they should or should not get a ticket. My dad always said ‘You better watch out, or you’re gonna to should all over yourself.’

Is there contention over the speed limits, window tint degrees of darkness, or width of tires? Some of the vehicles in Mad Max may not be street-legal. When people get pulled over, whether they get a warning or a ticket can be subjective. What is the infraction for? Under what conditions did the issue occur? Is the person being ticketed deserving or is the officer just in a bad mood?

If you were an officer, how would this play out? Do you laugh, and walk away? Should there be a warning involved, or is there a limit?

What about texting while walking? If the person walks out into the street, they can cause road hazards for motorists on top of getting hurt themselves. Is there a jaywalking ticket in Idaho anymore or is it more of a ‘Darwin Awards’ scenario?

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Were I an officer of the law in Idaho, it would be within my duty to issue a citation to an individual fishing from the back of a camel, but considering nobody can get access to the Snake River by any other means right now, am I doing said hungry fisherman an injustice? Perhaps this one goes with a warning.

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I’m not certain how some situations play out, but I am pretty sure that being polite and contrite are 2 great attributes when trying to speak with an officer holding a citation book.

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