According to the latest reports from the Idaho lottery, there is a million dollar lotto winner in Idaho that has not yet been claimed.

This isn't even from the other night's Powerball, this is from last week! Check your lotto tickets, particularly if you purchased one in Blaine County because that's where this mysterious winning ticket was sold!

It's funny because as I write this, encouraging others who have participated in the Idaho Lottery to check their tickets, I haven't checked mine from Wednesday night's lottery; I should probably get on that.

The lottery is fun because it gives people a license to dream... What would you do if you won a MILLION dollars? Now, in modern times, I don't think you flip off your boss and walk out unless you really need to, but it certainly would improve your life. You could eliminated all debt, get your credit score up, pay cash for a house and new cars and toys and still have some money to spare that may allow you to not work for several years, but likely not for life at the current rate of inflation.

It's also fun to think about the person who is going about their regular life, who just hasn't had a moment to look at their numbers yet, who unknowingly is in a much better financial situation than they even know. We don't usually participate in the Powerball or Mega Millions unless it's one of the massive jackpots, but I do enjoy the scratchers from time to time. Make sure you check out the Idaho Lottery's website to see if you've won! Good luck!

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