The anticipation for Thomas Rhett's next single just got even more intense. Rhett is slated to release "Craving You" in just one week, and he's just announced that the track features guest vocals from Maren Morris.

Rhett's been on one of the biggest winning streaks country music has seen in recent years. His second album, Tangled Up, has cemented him as a blossoming superstar, and Morris seemingly come from out of nowhere in the last year to become one of country music's most important new talents.

"Working with Maren was amazing," Rhett enthuses. "It was so nice to be able to work with ... you know, there's a lot of females that are killing it right now, and Maren is definitely one of those girls whose voice is just undeniably powerful and soulful, and on top of that, just a really sweet person to work with."

Rhett was supposed to be present at the co-writing session with Julian Bunetta, who's best-known for writing and production credits on One Direction, and Dave Barnes, whose work he has long admired. But he got sick and actually wasn't on hand when "Craving You" was written. When Bunetta sent him the demo the following day, he loved it right away.

"I remember putting it in my truck for the first time, it was like, 'Dang, this is really, really good,'" Rhett says, adding that he loved the '80s uptempo vibe. "So I put it on hold for forever, and it was one of the ones that kind of stood the test of time. So we didn't cut the record until probably six or seven months later, and I just remember that one really coming to life in the studio."

The song paints an emotional picture of "a guy and a girl really really wanting to be with each other the moment they part ways, and are basically just obsessed with each other," Rhett says, adding that it's an emotion he can relate to.

Morris came into the studio and completed her parts for the song in just an hour.

"I think she adds so much life and so much intensity to this song, that was already this kind of longing song. I think having a female voice on top of it made it just more that way."

"Craving You" is set to premiere at 12AM ET on Friday, March 31, and Rhett will perform the new single at the 2017 ACM Awards on April 2. The song is the lead single from Rhett's forthcoming third studio album. No further details have been released for that project.

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