You think they're cute and happy little critters. You're sorely mistaken! Squirrels are evil, fat, fluffy-tailed tree rodents that are a menace to polite and even impolite society!

Don't feed them! Protect your bird feeders with Slinky's and be warned! Thank all dogs who remain ever vigilant. My own pooch blew out a knee constantly leaping off the deck to keep the evil at bay. She chased her nemesis across the yard and across the back fence as the squirrel ran just far enough up a tree to look down and laugh with that mocking titter of his.

Why Do Squirrels Run Out in Front of Cars

Have you not fallen victim to their nefarious games? They run out into the road at just the right time in front of your car and you try not to swerve, but react and do it anyway. It's a fender-bender insurance nightmare! I think squirrels are jumping in front of cars to get into the squirrel gangs. They get across the street alive, they're in! Get the car to jump the curb or hit another car, they move up the squirrel gang ladder!

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I've been watching for years and have come to realize it has infected our most beloved Twin Falls city park! The East Side Squirrels have the benefit of birthday party tables and shade in the hot afternoons. West Side Squirrels have the library, sure, but are constantly trying to invade the East territory and the big battleground happens behind the band shell.

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Be aware, they aren't playing happy games chasing each other around. They're stealing each other's food in the Twin Falls squirrel wars! See it for yourself all summer long. Knowledge is power!

Tiny Movie Theater for Squirrels

If you're going to feed the squirrels, you may as well do it in style.

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All-Black Squirrels

Check out these photos of Black Squirrels we caught on camera

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