Twin Falls law enforcement is some of the best men and women out there. They can have a thankless job, but they also are admired by many. In the last month or so, here are all the times these enforcement officers stole our heart.

That time they had to say goodbye to one of their own K9 Drago and our hearts went out to all those who was touched by him. Especially Sergeant Hoop.

And then when we all got to welcome Ace to the team, his adorableness stole all our hearts.

When they take the time to make an impact on our children's lives. Even if it is with a strange cat in a large hat.

And when they show all our littles that leadership is more than just doing a job, but supporting the community in every way possible. They take the time to make a positive impact instead of always worrying about the bad guys.

Sometimes our law enforcement officers don't always get the recognition they deserve, but they make such a huge impact in our community. Thank you for taking the time and stealing our hearts this month with everything you do.

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