If someone in southern Idaho wanted weed bad enough, they wouldn't have to drive very far to get it. Both northern Nevada and eastern Oregon are target destinations for Idahoans looking to buy, but one city has earned the nickname of "The Marijuana Capital of Idaho."

In a time when several western states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the selling, transporting, and use of the product is still illegal within Idaho state lines. The reality is, however, that weed is still being smoked in Idaho by thousands of people every day, regardless of the law. There is one city 56 miles northwest of Boise that reportedly sees a large number of Idaho license plates outside its dispensaries on a daily basis.

As most of you already know, Colorado, Oregon, California, Washington, and Alaska have all gone green. Not politically, but rather in support of profiting from the sale of marijuana. The city of Ontario, Oregon, with its numerous dispensaries, has the distinction of being the Costco of weed for many Idahoans.

In late 2021, the Thrive Cannabis Marketplace opened 46 miles south of Twin Falls, adding another nearby destination for the southern region of the state to score some bud. In April of 2021, a bill was signed into law in Idaho to allow for the research, transportation, processing, and production of industrial hemp, which many believe is a sign of changing attitudes in the Gem State toward cannabis and the future of the product.

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