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Ladell Anderson made his name not far from where he grew up.  A boy from rural Idaho, he achieved stardom coaching big time college basketball across the state line in in Utah, as well as time coaching professionals.  He also remained the same down-to-earth man who was raised in a home without plumbing.

Many long time listeners of Newsradio 1310, KLIX, know one of Andersen’s nephews.  Forrest Andersen owns Washington Street Pawn in Twin Falls and is also one of the “Gun Guys” heard on-air Friday mornings.

Their lives became testaments to serving others.

Forrest reminisced on-air about the hardscrabble start his uncle and father had in their lives.  Forrest’s dad became the most successful high school coach in Idaho history.

The Deseret News carried a lengthy story on the passing last month of Ladell Anderson.  You can read more by clicking this link.

These were men who grew up during depression and war and, yet.  Their lives became testaments to serving others.  There’s a reason they’ve been called the Greatest Generation.

During a few minutes of the first gun show of the year, we asked Forrest to share some stories of his family’s humble roots.  You can listen by clicking on the video posted below.

Forrest explains the origins of the basketball hoop you see in the picture.  His uncle is in the foreground.  His dad is defending the basket.  The smiles were genuine.  Forrest’s dad had just returned home in one piece from World War Two.

We remember it because they lived it.  Then they shared the lessons.

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