With the Coronavirus pandemic still very much happening, we have heard some people say that they will or will not be allowing their children to go back to school if everything returns to normal in the fall. Some teachers have said they will not return as well. We want to know what Twin Falls and other Idaho residents think.

Some reports out are suggesting that teachers will not be returning to class rooms if schools open up in August with the Coronavirus pandemic still affecting people's health. I do not have children, I am not a teacher and I have no idea what I would do under these circumstances. It has to be an incredibly hard decision.

If you are a teacher, I am curious to know if you would continue going to work in a classroom setting. I have friends who say that the zoom meetings with children are incredibly difficult and makes the job that much harder.

Parents, I know it must be tough trying to juggle working and helping teach your kids. Keeping them motivated when all their fun stuff is at home for them to play with has to be difficult.

Students, college, high school, whatever, we tend to forget to ask what you think and feel. I am not sure as a student how I would feel. I was in college during Swine Flu but it honestly didn't bother me. I am curious what you all feel.

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