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Epic Idaho Road Trip Takes You Around The Entire State
I was thinking that there are so many places in Idaho I have never explores, so I found a few places on the map to see how long this epic Idaho road trip would take where you would essentially touch every corner of Idaho and a lot of central Idaho.
10 Things You Need In A Car
There a few facts in life. One of them is if you plan on traveling for more than 10 hours in a car with your kids, you NEED to be comfortable! After driving 1800 miles over Spring Break we put together a list of the top 10 things you need in a car in order to be comfortable.
How Do You Plan A Perfect Road Trip?
Thanks to my kids - we all know that it is not exactly enjoyable or relaxing traveling with kids. But that doesn't mean you can't try to make it nice. But it is summertime and you are probably planning some fun trip in the next few weeks, so how do you plan a perfect road trip?
10 of the Coolest Road Trips in North America
The open road offers up a lot of possibilities. You’ve got adventure, new and strange destinations, gorgeous scenery, and the opportunity to escape the humdrums of your normal life, plus all of the interesting characters you’ll meet along the way. All you have to do i…