The day has finally come. Sweeto Burrito in Twin Falls is officially open as of today. That's right August 20th at 10:30 a.m. was the official moment they opened their doors in Twin Falls.

I have heard so many people complain that Twin Falls doesn't need another Mexican food restaurant. Apparently they are wrong because here we are, with another one, and we are just as excited. Well, at least I am just as excited.

I have never been to a Sweeto Burrito before but it is definitely something I need to check out. They have a little bit of everything on their menu! I am checking out the menu as we speak and all I am doing is torturing myself making my stomach growl.

They have breakfast burritos, and a cheeseburger burrito that has french fries and fry sauce in it! They are also going to carry things like street tacos, salads, wraps, bowls and they have a kids menu.

They do have an order online option on their website, although as or right this moment you cannot order online. I have a feeling it will likely change soon and the reason they can't let you order online yet is because they don't want to get completely backed up on their first day open. You can also download their app and let's face it, that is one of the best features of fast food is app options.

Sweeto Burrito is right next to Capriottis next to Walmart. It does have a drive thru option and hopefully soon you can order online.


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