There is no doubt Shoshone Falls is pretty stunning. They call it the Niagra of the West for a reason. Even if it isn't flowing at peak capacity, it is still beautiful. But, this video shows just how awe inspiring Shoshone Falls can be.

May of 2006 the spring run off was apparently running incredibly high. The last ten years or so the falls haven't been flowing as drastically as some might remember. We found this video on YouTube from 13 years ago that shows Shoshone Falls just raging.

I am in complete awe of this video. I don't think I have ever seen the falls so high that you can't see any of the rocks underneath. This year and after snowmagedon was pretty high run off but I don't think it was this high.

It is great to walk down memory lane and see how beautiful this place is. Even if the water is low it is still a wonderful sight. But I have to admit I have never seen Shoshone Falls like this before.

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