Idaho is full of things to do - just ask anyone from Idaho. But, if you ask people from other states you won't get the same answer. In fact - a new study says Idaho is the most boring state.

Study Says Idaho Is Boring

If this recent study by Home Snacks were one of my kids, I'd be giving them extra chores. Seriously if my kids say they are bored I tell them I can find them something to do and then they go off on their merry way and entertain themselves. Because you can do that in Idaho since there is always something to do.

Idaho Labeled As Boring Due To Number Of Married Couples

Back to the study though. Home Snacks says we are boring because more than half of us are married and married people are the worst. They also cite the low population per square mile as a bad thing and that Idaho drinks more wine than any other state.

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I would be on board with the study if they made the right claims. All they had to do was reference Craters of the Moon National Park, that place is honestly pretty lame. Or mention the fact that the supposedly grand Shoshone Falls don't normally have much water rushing over them. Maybe that isn't boring, but it is definitely not a positive thing.

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