I know what you're thinking, what's wrong with them? Well, in short, nothing. Can we find them a fur-ever home?

According to People For Pets, Max, Jasper and Dash have had some terrible luck.

Max puppy

Max: originally was adopted out and after a few years he was returned. His owner had to move to a smaller home and could not take him. He was re-homed but kept escaping so they took him to the shelter. He thought he had his fur-ever home but unfortunately, that wasn't the case.


dash puppy

Dash: Dash was originally brought in to the shelter after he grew out of being a puppy. (Sorry he grew up). The second time he was returned a man said he tore up his yard and didn't want him and a third time because he was not happy with cats. He has shown no real signs of aggression but they are recommending a home without cats, just in case. He is a dog that needs some obedience training but could be the perfect companion.


Jasper: has a lot of energy. The first time Jasper came to the shelter, an elderly woman had him and she couldn't keep up. He was adopted by a father and daughter but was returned because the daughter was allergic. Finally, another couple just said he was too much. If someone puts in the time and training a dog with a lot of energy can be so much fun.

These animals all thought they had a fur-ever home and ended up back at the shelter. Let's find them the right home!

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