I have been here a few years and heard about Stricker Ranch my very first Halloween. There are so many rumors that Stricker Ranch is really haunted. It is a popular place for paranormal investigators and for people to spend some time at in October.

Stricker Ranch is part of the National Register of Historic Places because it was one of the first settlements in the Magic Valley. It played a huge role in helping people across the Oregon Trail. The people running the ranch would take care of sick emigrants if they could and close to the ranch is a cemetery where many of those who couldn't be saved lay.

Located in Hansen, the location does events year-round and visitors have said they have seen crazy and creepy things. Some claim to see apparitions and things move on their own. You know, normal haunted creepy ghost things. The month of October you and your family can go check out the site after dark.

Stricker Ranch turns the area into a haunted house with actors and spooky things. For $5 per person you can check out their haunted house. There will be concessions and a campfire where you can tell ghost stories after the tour.

The real crazy thing is you may not be able to tell which ghosts and monsters are actors and which ones are residents of the Stricker Ranch year-round if you know what I mean. For $5 per person you really can't beat the price for the experience. You can check out exactly which dates they will be having the after-dark events on their Facebook page.

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