No matter what the job is, there are multiple things to do in a day. How those things get organized and done can be subjective.

Are You a Multitasker?

Within any job, there are multiple layers to get all the different aspects completed in a day. Email has to be read and answered. Tasks get put on a list for the day. Meetings must be attended. Phone calls made. It can seem that doing many things at the same time is the best way to get everything done in a day.


Hold-up there. Cool your jets. The best way to get everything done could be not to try to do it all at the same time. Multi-tasking seems like the best way to use what little time there is a day to get as many items crossed off the list, but that is flawed logic.

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There are a few instances when multitasking works. It only works when one function is completely automated: folding laundry while watching TV, talking on the phone while washing dishes, or reading while walking on a treadmill.

The Problems With Multitasking

Multitasking isn’t what it sounds like. Only 2.5% of people who multitask can do it well. When a person attends a meeting and is trying to answer email at the same time, the brain isn’t doing both. It is just moving focus rapidly from one task to the other.


More than one task at a time jumpers are prone to distraction and errors. Multitasking can increase stress levels. Think about blood pressure and heart rate. There is also a correlation between multitasking and depression and anxiety.

Make the Transition to Single Tasking

Once multitasking has become the norm, making the transition isn’t easy. The habit of multitasking took time and effort to master. Going cold turkey may not be possible either. Start small.


Try to work on one task at a time for 20 minutes before moving to another. Turn off email alerts while performing other tasks and check email at pre-set times of the day rather than all day long. Only have one screen open at a time, so choose a laptop, phone, or television. Never the screens shall meet.

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