It has fallen on deaf ears. Here we are again at Squirrel Appreciation Day. I am amazed that this is still a thing. It's like having an appreciation day for goat heads in your bicycle tires, or appreciating that eyelash stuck in your eye!

After explaining about the battles squirrels have over food and showing pictures of squirrels eating birds, there has been no change in the attitude. There's even been commercials warning of the dangers to drivers and to homes. But, to no avail. Here we sit on yet another Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Perhaps hard facts will persuade to stop feeding the little rodents. They cause power outages country - no - worldwide! They damage homes, cars, and gardens. There are cost charts for removing them from your attic - anywhere from $200 for a small problem to $1,500 for a large infestation.

And you think they're cute and feed them in the park? What about not encouraging wild animals to get close to you?

They aren't supposed to be around people. They have diseases! Don't feed them. Don't let them play on the roof. Let your dog chase them away. Bad, bad squirrels. They belong in the woods, not in the yard!


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