The Idaho Transportation Department has made the decision to lower the speed limit on I-84 in Caldwell due to increased traffic in the area. Our friends at KTVB were quick to get the details out that the new speed limit would be 65 mph for a little longer before it switches to 80 mph.

Photo courtesy of Idaho Transportation Department
Photo courtesy of Idaho Transportation Department

The change is due to trouble with people merging onto the Interstate and speed causing safety problems. The hope is to improve driving conditions in the area.

Over the past five years officials are saying there has been an increase of 5,000 vehicles per day in this area. If you've ever been caught in evening traffic in this area, you know how bad it can get.

The new signs will be posted by the Idaho Transportation Department today so if you live in the area or travel through it for work be careful as you can expect law enforcement close by to enforce the new speed limit.

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